Friday, February 26, 2021

Book Pairings (2)


To be honest, I forgot about this idea until I read the tea books.

I have a couple fiction and nonfiction pairings for you today.


Tea Parties Around the World: After a quick introduction, this books travels the world (alphabetically) through some of the countries that enjoy tea. Each country has little tidbits about  history of tea and the way tea is served. There's a full menu for tea accompanied by recipes and gorgeous photographs. 

Teatime Around the World: a Picture book with just a few words on the page telling the story along with text sharing information about tea in different areas in the world. And it includes the author's Tea Story - which is fun.

Why the Pairing: It was fun learning different ways people drink tea around the globe and both books give you that information. Perfect for readers of different generations to read together. 

* these books inspired me to have my own tea parties and try out recipes I've been meaning to try. So, I decided that once a month I'm going to host a tea party (right now because of the pandemic it's just me and my husband). We drink from the fancy cups and eat delicious treats. 

Here's the latest tea photo:

Lore: This is a new action packed YA book based on Greek Mythology where the gods become mortal for seven days and the hunt begins. They can be killed by descendants of ancient bloodlines. And Lore has a score to settle - even though she escaped that world. Someone brings her back in...

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths: Stories of Greek Mythology.

Why the pairing: In the author's notes, Alexandra Bracken talks about using this book as research and inspiration. I wasn't familiar with this idea behind her book, but it seems that others are. Probably because they know more about Greek Mythology than I do... perhaps they read this book!

Golden Gate: This is the second book in the series where two of the five teenage spies are brought into the public eye. This presents a very large problem where they have to lie. But someone is always watching and putting pieces of a bigger puzzle together. Could their found family be in danger?

The Secret Life of Spies: This nonfiction book shares the secrets of 20 known spies across cultures and time period. Each spy has a page spread detailing their life.

Why the Pairing: Reading the fictional series, it's interesting then to read about real spies. You can see differences in operations, but also lots of similarities.  Plus, spies are so much fun to read about.

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