Saturday, July 11, 2020

Series Review: Baby-Sitters' Club

As I read several of these books in fifth grade, I was super excited to learn about this series. I couldn't wait to watch it - and I wasn't disappointed.

Spoiler: it was PERFECT

It was a modern day adaptation, but it kept the phone line. Obviously you have to have the phone line for the meetings.

I loved seeing the character stories I remember from the books - even if they were very different (the camp stories). But I love the updates.

Things I Loved:
ALL the Inclusivity
Babysitting Moments
The sister moment(s)
Talking about the internment camps
The Parent Trap Dance
Karen's Creepiness 
That Clueless Reference!

The casting was Really Well Done.

I honestly wouldn't change a thing about this series. It captured the heart of the book series.

When does Season 2 come out?

Fun Fact: Author and Editor David Levithan worked as a book consultant for the show.

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