Friday, July 31, 2020

Review: Always the Last to Know

Always the Last to Know
Barb and John have been married fifty years, but it's not working. Barb wants a divorce. But before she can talk to her husband, he's in a bike accident following a stroke. He's in very bad shape. To compile matters, when she's in the hospital with her daughters, she learns that he's been having an affair.

She keeps this secret from her daughters. One of whom is the light of her life. But Juliet has her own struggles with having it all. Her life is perfect but she's spiraling out of control. Sadie's floundering with her life's direction and her big dreams that haven't quite panned out.

How all three women are living in the same town and struggling to come to terms with their new normal.
My Thoughts: I loved this book for the relationships between this family. I felt heartbroken for the ladies in this book and all they dealt with. I loved the small town Connecticut and reading about places familiar to me. Plus I was happy to see some old favorite characters from the previous book. I loved the conversation about perfection, having it all, asking for help, and discovering the love of your life. I love how the family found each other again and how they worked through their differences. Another magnificent story from Kristan Higgins.

Cover Thoughts: I love the covers
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Kristan Higgins is a must have author for your public libraries.

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