Friday, July 17, 2020

Graphic Novel Review: Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones
When Jen and her mom move from the city to the country, everything changes. It's not just the move. Now they're living with her mom's new boyfriend. And his kids will spend weekends with them. 

Life on the farm is different. There are so many chores - plus there's selling their goods at the market. Jen's awesome at art, so creating a great looking sign is right up her alley. But she's terrible at math, so helping run the cash register gives her anxiety. 

Jen's having a hard time learning where she fits in...
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this graphic novel. I felt terrible for Jen as she struggled to find her new place with her new family. I loved the idea of living on a farm and I loved reading more about all the work that goes into it - although I'm not sure I'd like all the chores. I loved the Jen was finding a place of her own - especially with her art projects. I felt terrible for her as she navigated through her new family life - especially her mom's boyfriend. I loved how her new sisters and her connected - eventually.  A great graphic novel for anyone who's trying to find a place of their own and figure out where the fit in life.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for your school and public libraries - this one will fly off the shelves. 

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