Sunday, July 19, 2020

Book Pairings (1)

Welcome to a new posting. In the library world, we talk about Book Pairings all the time. There are libraries that bundle fiction and nonfiction books on the same subject together for check-out.

In this case, these are two recent nonfiction books that I read:

Give Us the Vote! by Susan Goldman RubinStamped by Jason Reynolds

I read Give Us the Vote first, which really helped me when I read Stamped a few days later.
I knew what Jason Reynolds was referring to in terms of voter suppression and more because I had just finished this book. I was happy I had the extra knowledge that was fleshed out a little bit more. 

These two books both deal with race and anti-racism. They are both excellent reads.

Hopefully, I'll be sharing more Book Pairings in the near future...

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