Friday, June 26, 2020

Review: Date Me, Bryson Keller

Date Me, Bryson Keller
Kai hasn't told anyone his truth yet; he's waiting for college to come out. He never expected his coming out story to start with a dare for someone else.

The most popular boy in school doesn't believe in high school relationships and accepts a dare to date a new senior every week for three months. The first person to ask him out on Monday is accepted. The relationship will last until Friday. Girls line up to ask him out.

On a whim and because he's had a really bad morning, Kai asks him out. Bryson agrees. The more time they spend together, the more Kai starts to imagine the what ifs. Can you fall for someone in just five days?
My Thoughts: I loved this book - it made me smile, cry, and smile again. I loved the conversations between Kai and Bryson as they got to know each other. I love how they shared so much with each other. I loved Yazz; she reminded me of Kitty from To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Of course, my heart broke for Kai during the Black Moment. And I hated all the hurtful comments people made. They made me so angry. But I did love how people had Kai's back, especially his friends and his sister. A fantastic heartwarming book that I did not want to end. And it's a debut novel! I can't wait to read what the author writes next!

Cover Thoughts: Cute - also love the pictures on the back.
Source: ARC sent for review
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for school and public libraries. Great Book for Pride Month (and the rest of the year).

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