Monday, June 29, 2020

Cozy Review: Buried to the Brim

Buried to the Brim (Hat Shop Mystery, #6)
* Book 6 in the Hat Shop Mystery Series
Scarlett and the gang are back! Harrison's aunt comes into the hat shop looking for a way to make her corgi stand out in the Pets and Wellness Society's annual dog show. Aunt Betty and Freddy have been previously been the runner's up. But this year they are determined to be the winners. Aunt Betty wants matching hats for her and her dog.

But Aunt Betty gets into trouble with the society when she announces that the dog food supplied by the sponsor made her dog sick and it's contaminated. Her paperwork goes missing and Scarlett's forced to step in as the Freddy's handler.

When Freddy discovers the sponsor dead on the course, Aunt Betty's the prime suspect. Scarlett and her friends are determined to uncover the truth and clear Aunt Betty.
My Thoughts: I was so happy to hear about this newest installment of the Hat Shop Mysteries! I love this series. And this book was super cute. I loved the dog show and reading about all the cute dogs. I loved reading about my favorite characters, especially Harrison and Scarlett after their engagement. I would be happy reading more in this series (including a wedding story!)

Cover Thoughts: Charming as always
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: This cozy series is an excellent addition to the library's mystery section.

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Christine @ Captivated Reading said...

I've only read a couple of cozy mysteries before but I really enjoy them! I love the cover for this one and the synopsis!