Thursday, June 25, 2020

Back Pages Review: That's Not What Happened

That's Not What Happened
LeeAnn survived a school shooting three years ago. Her best friend did not. Things become twisted in the weeks after the shooting and Sarah's story is not true. By the time LeeAnn realized it, it was too late to speak up.

But now Sarah's parents are writing a book. LeeAnn wants the truth to come out. The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes maybe the others want to tell their stories too.

She asks them to write letters - about that day, about those moments, and about those who died. This is their story.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading this story - it brought up so many questions. It would make a great book discussion book. I loved that this book was about the survivors - not the murderer. In fact, his name is redacted throughout the whole book. I loved how the stories intertwined and came together. I felt heartsick for the survivors and all that they went through. Interesting points the questions of: truths, religion, kindness, people's perceptions, and changing yourself. 

Cover Thoughts: Great!
Source: ARC from years past
Library Recommendation: If this book isn't in your library's collection, buy it!

*Back Pages review title came from Andi @ AndiABC

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