Sunday, June 7, 2020

Series Review: Sweet Magnolia

Sweet Magnolias: Season 1 

Based on the book: Stealing Home 
from Sherryl Woods

Stealing Home (The Sweet Magnolias #1)

I loved these books so I was so happy to learn that this series was becoming a Netflix show.

What I loved most about the books: The Friendships and of course margarita night

I loved seeing the margarita nights in the show. 

For the most part the show follows the books relatively well.
Of course there are some differences, that's bound to happen.
But overall it's a great adaptation.

And I can't wait to hear news about Season 2.

Please tell me that news is coming because dang, that cliff hanger left me worried.
And no, the books don't have that answer, but I do have my suspicions. 

Have you seen this yet? 
Did you enjoy it?

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