Thursday, April 9, 2020

Series Review: Diary of an Ice Princess

Snow Place Like Home (Diary of an Ice Princess #1)Frost Friends Forever (Diary of an Ice Princess #2)On Thin Ice (Diary of an Ice Princess #3)The Big Freeze (Diary of an Ice Princess #4)

Lina comes from a different type of family. She's a princess who lives in a castle in the clouds. Everyone in her family, including herself, can control the weather. Lina needs to figure out her special skill. But Lina also wants to be normal; she's dying to go to public school with her best friend. She finds everything about public school fascinating and refreshing. But no one besides her best friend can know her secret.
My Thoughts: This is such a fun series. I love Lina. She makes a lot of mistakes but she always fixes them. She has a big heart and big dreams. She has friend drama, family drama, and school drama. The books are diary entries with lots of illustrations. Just a little over 100 pages, these books are quick reads. I love all the weather talk. It would be fun to have a magical power like Lina's!

Cover Thoughts: Super Cute!
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A fantastic selection for your school and public libraries.

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Furry Friendship Flurry (Diary of an Ice Princess #5)Icing on the Snowflake (Diary of an Ice Princess #6)

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