Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Picture Book Wednesday: Paper Kingdom

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Daniel's parents work as janitors at night. Usually they leave him with a babysitter or friends. But one night, there's no one to watch him. Daniel's forced to go into the office with his parents. He's so sleepy and he doesn't understand why people are so messy. His parents try to make the night fun, by creating a paper kingdom ruled by dragons and kings.

This is a sweet story about hard working parents and one family trying to get by. I loved how the parents created a fantasy world for their young son. I love how they advised him to be considerate, kind, and nice when he becomes king. It shows they are working hard for him. I loved the sweet author's note about the inspiration behind this story. 

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Sandy Brehl said...

I'll chime in to join this fan club.
It is a fantastic (and unusual) story that centers workers and families who re essential workers.
Loaded with love and comfort.