Monday, April 6, 2020

Review: Break the Fall

Break the Fall
Audrey Lee's dream came true - she's going to the Olympics! She can't believe it - and she's going with her best friend Emma. The two of them have been working towards this goal forever. She just hopes her back will be strong enough to last through the last little bit of her competitive life.

But everything changes on the first day of training camp. The FBI swarms the building and her coach is taken away in handcuffs. Now everything is up in the air and rumors are swirling.

Audrey's supposed to keep her head in the game, but how can she when everything is happening? Her teammates don't support each other. Audrey's not sure what to believe about her coach, but she starts to understand the signs. Her new coach isn't letting the girls practice as much as they would be. And she's falling for a boy who is off limits.

With a month left until the biggest days of her life, how is she supposed to hold it all together and bring home the gold medal she's been working towards her entire life?
My Thoughts: I LOVED this book; I couldn't put it down. It gave me the biggest book hangover. I'm a huge fan of gymnastics, so I loved reading about this sport (especially at such a high level). I loved the teamwork and the sisterhood - even though not all teammates were supportive. I loved the story how they came together. I loved Audrey's determination, her strength, and her ability to focus. My heart broke for the girls as I read about the abuse at the hands of their coach. I love how that wasn't glossed over but everything happened off page.  I loved the reality of the ending. I adore the eyeshadow part. I can't wait to read more from Jennifer Iacopelli!

Cover Thoughts: Awesome - I love the chalk
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: A must have book for your school and public library.

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