Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Picture Book Review: Halloween Books

I needed to update our library Halloween collection, so I purchased several popular characters books. Here are some that I've purchased for the library.

Trick Arrr Treat: 
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A Pirate's trick or treating experience. Great for the pirate language and the fun illustrations.

The Night Before Halloween:
A cute fun story with a familiar rhyme 

Peppa's Halloween Party:
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Just another Halloween party - fans of Peppa Pig will enjoy this one.

Fancy Nancy's Ghostly Halloween:
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Trick or Treating takes a turn when imagination takes over.

Luke and Lottie: It's Halloween
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The twins get ready for Halloween and a night of trick or treating.

Happy Haunting:
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Not everyone enjoys scary times, but friendship shines through in this book.

Where's My Mummy:
A gentle read about a small mummy who has lost his/her/their parent. This book talks about fear and what might you be afraid of...
Also makes a cute bedtime read.

Pink or Treat:
This one had fun problem solving, superhero costume and mentality, a librarian moment (gotta love that!), and strong community ties. I really enjoyed this one.

Splat the Cat: What Was That?
Lift the Flap story that reveals spooky items because the friends are in a dark scary house, but their imagination gets the better of them and most of the objects are every day objects. It was cute. 

Stay Tuned next week for another edition of Halloween Books.

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Jessica said...

I've read Trick Arrr Treat, it was fun! And the My Little Pony picture book looks cute! :)