Monday, September 23, 2019

Review: Wish on all the Stars

Juliet is settling in to her new town. She's happy to have friends, but she misses her old life - mostly her dad and her best friend. But there are perks to her new town too - the beach, her friends, the ice cream shop, the bookmobile, and the Starry Beach Club. The club tries to help make wishes for others come true.

When Juliet and her friends hear that the bookmobile might be closing, they're devastated. They come up with a plan to stop it from happening. But nothing seems to be working.

Finally they come up with a brilliant idea - a craft fair. Emma and Carmen want Juliet to sell her paintings. The idea makes Juliet nervous. What if no one buys them? What if everyone hates them?

Carmen has a secret that she's holding on to tightly. When she finally reveals it, Juliet feels guilty for her own feelings. Can she summon her bravery and help Carmen feel better, let go of her insecurities about her art, and find a way to help save the bookmobile?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this sequel; I liked spending more time with these characters. I loved getting to know Carmen more. I felt so sad for her and her family and for their fears of deportation. I wish we could change things to make the world safe for everyone.  But there isn't any easy answers, which comes across in the story. 

I love how the girls came together to try to save the bookmobile. I liked their arts and crafts fair - it sounded great. I love how Juliet overcame her shyness about her art work and gave herself a chance. I loved the support from her friends and her family to help her overcome that shyness. I'm glad things are improving with her family and the outcome from the divorce. 

Yet another great story from Lisa Schroeder. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for your school and public libraries.

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