Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tween Tuesday Review: Revenge of the Angels

The triplets are back and their on the war path. They've been rejected from playing the three wise men just because they are girls. They've actually been given the role of angels and they aren't happy about it at all.

The entire Christmas season is now ruined. Plus their mom and Lily are visiting graduate schools and their Aunt Jane. The girls are disappointed since Aunt Jane won't be coming for Christmas. While their mom is gone, they'll be staying with their father - until the dog (Quincy) gets into some mischief of his own. They can't find the perfect gift for their mom.

It's the last straw when their neighbors discover their priceless Santa decoration stolen from their front porch. The girls are determined to unmask the culprit and bring back some good cheer into the neighborhood.
My Thoughts:  Another fun adventure with the triplets - they always seem to find trouble. I love how they attack gender roles for the Christmas pageant. Of course they find themselves into hot water - it wouldn't be a book about the Brewster triplets if they didn't. I liked how even Quincy found himself in trouble too. I loved how the triplets tried to find the right gift for their mother and how they were determined to uncover the thief in the neighborhood - especially how they might have made an old friend happy. I loved Christmas morning and all the wonderful moments the family shared!

Cover Thoughts: Cute-  love the different sneakers
Source: Sent for Review
Final Thoughts: If you haven't read either of the Brewster triplet books, what are you waiting for? They're filled with quirky characters, sweet moment, getting into trouble, and they're wildly entertaining!

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