Friday, September 18, 2015

Spotlight: Ten Things Sloan Hates About Tru

From Tera Lynn Childs:

Tru Dorsey might be my favorite hero yet.

Don't tell any of my other heroes (especially Quince, since he's pretty much had a lock on that title for several years now). Between his ever-charming (or so he thinks) smile, his ability to snark with the best of them, and the painful truths he keeps hidden away, he's darn near impossible not to love.

If you want to have a clear picture of Tru in your mind, find pictures of Ryan Higa and Booboo Stewart and then mash them together. *swoon*

You can read the first chapter right now!

Head on over to Wattpad, where the first chapter is up and ready for you to read. Need some inducement to click over there? Here are a couple teasers to give you a tiny taste of what Sloane and Tru are like:

They are a fun pair and boy do sparks fly when they are together.

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