Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Upcoming Football Books

This week since it's Football Week here on the blog, I'm changing up the topic to Top 10 Recent/Upcoming Football Books.Check out what's new or soon to be new. 

Hit CountfpoCall Me by My NamefpoKid Owner

fpoFood, Football, and Fun!: Sports Illustrated Kids' Football RecipesFootball Now!: Today's Gridiron Greats

Did I miss any? 
If so, please let me know in the comments!


MeezCarrie said...

Melissa Tagg has a great football-related novel out called "From The Start"! My TTT

LH27 said...

I love sports books! And I'm so happy it's football season again :) Great idea. My TTT

Anonymous said...

This would probably be more exciting for me if I was interested in football XD I have heard a lot of great things being buzzed about Until Friday Night though...of all the books you posted here, that's the one that captures my interest the most...but even then, I'm bigger on fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal than contemporary fiction anyways. Thanks for culling all these books in one place...some football-YA fan is going to be very happy to find this XD