Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mysterious Cozy Review: Malice at the Palace

* Book 9 in the Royal Spyness Series *
After returning from America, Lady Georgiana stays at her friend Belinda's place. Belinda's supposed to be in America still, but she comes home quite unexpectedly. Now Georgie's looking for a place to live again. Luckily she runs into her brother, who's in town. He insists that she stay with them.

Knowing that Lady Georgiana is back in London, the Queen invites her to the palace. She has a job for Georgie. She asks Georgie show Princess Marina of Greece the city of London before her upcoming wedding to Prince George. Georgie couldn't be happier. She moves into a palace straight away.

Unfortunately, she also stumbles across another body - outside the palace. Socialite Bobo Carrington used to roam in the same circle as the groom. Rumors of her fast life swirl as Lady Georgie attempts to discreetly determine if any of her peers could be the guilty party without derailing the royal wedding.
My Thoughts: I still love this historical cozy series and I love seeing more of the Royals. I especially love it when Lady Georgiana has to meet the Queen for tea. I liked seeing more of the princes this book as well.

I love these books also for the secondary characters and we see quite a bit of them in this book. New additions include Princess Marina, who was lovely. And Countess Irmtraut who didn't understand enough about the English language. She was always out of the loop and had no sense of humor. 

I liked how Lady Georgie poked around society looking for clues as to who could have wanted the Prince framed for murder so close to his wedding. I like how the police used her to ask questions delicately while still getting answers.

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My Library
Final Thoughts: Sprinkled with romance, danger, royalty, and historical moments, these ingredients blend together to create a perfect cozy series. Read one today!

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Anonymous said...

"Countess Irmtraut" is the most amazing and crazy name ever! Sounds like this royal mystery kept you duly entertained.