Friday, September 25, 2015

Adult Review: Eye Candy

 * First in a trilogy *
Lydia invented a new boyfriend to her work colleague. Now she's been invited to an important networking weekend with him. And her ex-boyfriend will be there.

Lydia's not sure what to do, but she knows that she must attend and not alone. When her friend suggests she hire someone for the weekend, Lydia recoils. But she's desperate.

Phelps is perfect for her - even though he's a little immature. He brings her out of her shell and makes quite an impression. So much so that they're expected to attend other functions together. Is there a chance for romance?
My Thoughts: I loved this book. Lydia was addicted to candy; I loved hearing about her favorite kinds. 

I liked the moments between her and her co-workers - from the jellyfish moments to the honest conversations and judgments.

I loved the moments between Phelps and Lydia - the banter, how he helped bring her out of her shell, and especially his playful moments.

I liked the unfinished business between Lydia and her ex-boyfriend. They had some moments together.

I loved Lydia working on her jewelry and thinking of taking a chance a pursing her creative passion. It inspired me to do some looking at my own life choices and creative passions.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
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Alternate Paperback Cover:
Final Thoughts: I can't wait to read the next one! 

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Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, I love stories where a little white lie or trick builds into something of substance. Is it just me, or is the alternative paperback cover actually cooler?