Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's post is  Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations. I'm all over the place with my books turned to movies. I know I'm forgetting several, so I can't wait to read what other people post!

Hunger Games: Yes, they left stuff out, but it captured the book
Harry Potter: Captured the magic
Pride and Prejudice: I actually like both versions, but Colin Firth is my favorite Mr. Darcy
Bridget Jones's Diary 
Little Women
Princess Diaries: They changed the story around, but it's still fun
Sense and Sensibility: Emma Thompson did an Amazing job writing the screen play

Godfather: I know everyone loves this movies,but I read the book first and it just doesn't live up to the book.
Alex Rider: Loved the books....

Twilight: There were good parts but too many cheesy/strange special effects

Bonus: I Never Read these but adore the movies!:
The Hobbit or LOTR 
Die Hard


Kristen said...

I haven't read the Alex Rider books, but the movie was awful. And wasn't it a Disney flick or something?

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Krista Davis said...

I loved Sense and Sensibility (the movie)! Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson did such an amazing job. And, Hugh Grant - Yum. Now, I need to read the book!

TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

proseandkahn said...

I forgot about the Alex Rider movie. I was sort of horrified by it as well but then I watched the extras on the DVD, which included an interview with Anthony Horowitz. I was surprised that he wrote the screenplay. Well, I shouldn't be really because I think he spends as much time writing screenplays (Foyle's War) as novels, but this movie was such a disappointment (and really, Alicia Silverstone as Jack?) Anyway, he talked a bit about the challenge of taking the book, which is so interior and switching it to fit the movie. Understanding doesn't increase fondness but it was interesting. Also, not happy with the actor. What's his name?


Anonymous said...

Great list! Harry Potter and Hunger Games made mine as well :-) My TTT.

Vyki @ On The Shelf

Elizabeth Rodriguez said...

I forgot about Alex Rider! The books are so good, and NOT like that aweful movie! Love Colin too :)

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Kaitlyn (The Bookworm) said...

Oh, Hunger Games and Pride & Prejudice are on my list too! And I forgot about the Princess Diaries, but yeah, that movie is still fun :)

My TTT: http://dragongirl28.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-ten-tuesday-bestworst-book-to-movie.html

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Princess Diaries - Yes! I forgot about that film. Definitely different, but still had the same charm and humor :)

Great top ten!

Jen Em said...

I din't even know there was an Alex rider movie. I did love Hunger games and Little Women. Great list.

Elizabeth Honeyman said...

I had no idea Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay! I loved the movie and Emma Thompson is one of my favourite actresses but this just made her even more mind blowing.


Sara said...

I didn't even know that Die Hard was based on a book!

I love both P&P versions too. I go back and forth between which I love most... I really love Colin Firth, but I also love Keira Knightley... I'm so divided!!