Friday, July 19, 2013

Adult Review: Big Girl Panties

Holly meets Logan on one of her worst days. She looks a mess and she's forced to sit next to him on an airplane. She can already hear his thoughts, they're broadcasted all over his face.

She brings up the fact that her husband died, leaving food as a comfort. He surprises her by making her an offer she can't refuse. Logan's a personal trainer and he's willing to help her take back control over her life.

Holly decides to take him up on his offer. Soon she's working out and making better food choices. She's also spending quite a bit of time with Logan. Could there be romance in the air?

My Thoughts: From the moment I heard about this book from PW, I was excited to read it. I devoured this book - and loved it. I loved Holly - she's strong, determined, and a wise ass. I loved her banter with Logan. I loved watching her struggle to love herself and to find peace with her body. It's hard to feel comfortable in your own skin; I thought Evanovich portrayed the ups and downs nicely. Holly worked out, kept a food journal, and tried leaving her guilt behind her. 
I liked watching Logan's reaction to Holly, how he started falling for her without realizing it and what that would mean to him. I liked the dual perspectives. A fantastic debut novel and an author to watch.

Cover Thoughts: It's ok, but it doesn't give away lot of information about the book
Source: BEA where I got to meet the author, who was super sweet!

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