Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teen Review Thursday: Middle School

Two different teens reading and talking about this series during the summer in Norwich. I love seeing what teens think about the books they're reading.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life: 4 Stars

this book is about a boy name Rafe khatchadorian. he is just starting middle school. and his goal is to be remembered. and what best way can you be known other than by breaking the rules. so when Rafe set out to break every single rule in the rule book at school he just might accomplish that with a little help from his imaginary brother.

Middle School: Get Me Out of Here: 4 stars
Rafe Khatchadorian is a Kid who doesn't seem to always follow the rules until, he moves to the crowded city of (any city you want).He goes to a new school, The Cathedral School of Arts, where when he first walks in he has a whole new experience. He befriends an unusual kid, Matty the Freak. Rafe and Matty had great times until they took a field trip to the local Art Institute, where the class could get ideas for the upcoming Spring Art Show. While the children were in the gift shop Rafe leaves the gift shop with Matty's book bag as soon as he leaves, WEE OOH WEE OHH, the gift shop alarm goes of. The security officer took a non-purchased item out of Matty's bag. Matty was sent to the principals office. The next day at school Matty got mad at Rafe for ratting him out. At 5th period Rafe's art project was sabotaged. Rafe knew it was Matty. Rafe couldn't take all of these pranks so he left in the middle of the night back to his hometown Hills Village... Read the book to find out what's next!

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