Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Crown of Midnight

  * sequel to Throne of Glass*

Celaena battled in the tournament of assassins in the previous novel. Now she has a contract with the King. If she doesn't do his bidding, her friends will forfeit their lives.

The King believes there's a plot against the throne.  He's giving Celaena names, asking her to take care of the situation in three months time. The newest name is someone from her past.

Celaena gives Archer three months to feed her information - information that could be useful. As she gathers intelligence, she becomes aware of something going on inside the castle -something to do with Wyrdmarks and forbidden magic. Will the plot against the King cost Celaena everything she holds dear?
My Thoughts: This book is hands down in my top books read for the year. I adored Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight was better (if possible). It was full of moments that were sweet, heart wrenching, and fierce. My heart ached for Calaena - for her past, her present, and for what must come in the future. The ending makes me long for the next book immediately. 

I loved Celaena's small rebellion. I liked the multiple perspectives - especially those of Chaol and Dorian. I feel as though all the characters became more rounded and complex during this installment. I loved the winter setting and the danger around every corner. A fantastic world, strong characters, and emotions that pull at your heart strings. I don't ever want to leave this series.

Cover Thoughts: Fierce
Source: ARC from BEA
Book comes out August 27th - Be SURE to grab it!!!

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