Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic is the opposite of April 30th's topic: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book. Mostly when I read, I'm looking for a good that will make me happy - not one that will make me cry. Most of my turn-offs stem from not wanting to be depressed while reading. That doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions to the rule.

Cancer - hits too close to home
Heartbreaking/Heart Wrenching/Tugs at your heart strings - I want to read happy books, not books that makes me cry.
Horror - I hate being scared
Cruelty to animals
Animals as main characters
Narrators that talk to the readers


Anonymous said...

I sometimes want a good cry, as weird as that may sounds, so I love a good tearjerker! My TTT.

Vyki @ On The Shelf

Krista said...

I hate cancer in books too. Way too sad. And, horror and zombies aren't my favorite thing either.

TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

Anonymous said...

That's a really interessting list. I totally agree with horror being a deal breaker, and I'm not really a fan of aliens either to be honest.

BookBreather said...

Even though I love reading about a lot of things you said, great list!

Personally, I tend to seek out the heart wrenching books, because for me there is no greater connection to a character than when I'm sobbing for him/her. And if I don't make a relatively large connection to the characters, then I won't remember the book.

But I completely agree with the one about animals for narrators. That's too picture book for me.

~ Gabbi @ BookBreather
My list! :)

Hannah @ Tea avec Books said...

I've just done my list but if I'd have seen yours first I would definitely have included animals as main characters and narrators that talk to the readers. Both annoy me so much!

Hannah @ Girl That Loves Books

Rebecca @ Unbound Pages said...

Zombies made my list as well! They are just gross and dumb. Not a fan. Horror should have made my list. I can't stand horror novels or movies. Great list!

My Top Ten

Kelly said...

I also avoid reading books that hit too close to home. I just can't stand it and I always end up bawling like crazy.
Great list! :D<3


Anonymous said...

Oh girl. You and me both against the crying books. Seriously. I can't handle them and stay FAR FAR away from them on a general rule! When I pick up a book I want to escape from normal life, so it's my goal to find the non crying books :)