Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: School Spirits

Izzy Brannick has been training her whole life to fight monsters. Her sister disappeared one night when they were taking down a group of witches. Since then, her mom's been over-protective.

Now Izzy has her first solo job. There's activity happening in a high school - murder by ghost. Izzy's job is to infiltrate the high school, figure out what's going on, and stop it. She's never gone to high school before.

Almost immediately, she befriends Remy - who turns out to be the leader of the ghost hunting society at school. Remy tells her of the ghost legend. Before long, Izzy experiences seeing the ghost herself.

Her mom's giving her a strict deadline on finishing the assignment, but Izzy's not sure she wants to leave high school and her new friends behind.
My Thoughts: A spin-off series from Hex Hall featuring her cousin. I loved this book, it had the same feel as the Hex Hall books - romance, ghosts, mysterious happenings, a new girl in school, and snarkiness. I love that Izzy's research into high school included reading teen magazines and watching hit TV shows (which reminded me of something on ABC Family). I hope there's more book coming with Izzy as the main character because there were several unanswered questions. 

Cover Thoughts: Similar to Hex Hall
Source: My Library

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Hannah said...

I've not heard of this book before, or the Hex Hall series but it sounds really good! Adding this to my to be read list :).

Hannah @ Girl That Loves Books