Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Awaken

*Final book in the Abandon Trilogy*

Pierce and John have been through a lot together in a short amount of time. Now they have to face the biggest test of all.

Something's happening in the Underworld - things aren't running as smoothly as they should be. Maybe John has taken a few breaks to go with Pierce to the real world, but those breaks wouldn't cause the havoc. His actions might have though...

The balance of life and death has been thrown off. If they can't fix it and soon, things in the Underworld and the real world won't exist much longer.

My Thoughts: I really have come to love these characters -they're sassy, funny, and loyal to each other.  I don't want to say too much in case of spoilers, but I really enjoyed the last part of the trilogy. I loved the part where John met Pierce's parents. I liked Pierce's interaction with the dead who were waiting for the ferries. I love how Pierce can make the best of a bad situation and gather people around her who are happy to help. I loved the ending!

Cover Thoughts: Dreamy
Source: ARC from BEA

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