Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Divide and Conquer

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Sera, Req, and Dak arrive in Paris...in 885. The Vikings are at the city walls, ready to attack. The Trio quickly scramble to figure out their mission to stop the SQ before Paris is under attack. 

However, before they can figure out too much, the leaders meet. They decided that they must save Paris from destruction, so they make sure the battle occurs.

The Vikings run towards the city while the Parisians hope their defenses will hold. Dak becomes lost in the shuffle and ends up on the Viking side, where he must join in the battle. He does what he can to stay alive, hoping that the others will finish the mission before the city's defenses crumble.

My Thoughts: I was a little confused in the beginning because I didn't remember the ending of the first book. I didn't remember the trio landing in Paris. However, that was the only glitch. I didn't feel this book read different than the first one, making it a seamless transition from James Dashner to Carrie Ryan. 

I loved learning about the Vikings and it made me want to research the era more thoroughly. I was as fascinated with them as Dak. How amazing it would be to live through something that would change the world's mind. I love the danger, the action, and the camaraderie during the battle. Tweens in my library will gobble up this new addition to the series.

Cover Thoughts: Great! Love the Helmet
Source: My Library
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