Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Venom

The night of her friend's funeral, Cassandra goes into the graveyard next to her house. There, she meets a boy, an artist whom she bumped into previously on the streets. He's handsome, but cocky.

She also discovers her friend's body is missing and a corpse of a young courtesan rests in her place. The courtesan has been murdered. Cass wants to uncover the truth about the murder.

Falco manipulates her into investigating with him. Together, they travel to places she, as a lady, shouldn't be going into. As the investigation continues, she lies more and more to her aunt and takes more and more risks. Her life would be ruined if she were caught. Still, she can't help the trill of it all. It's the first time she's felt alive in ages, especially when she's with Falco.

My Thoughts: I wanted to Love this book, instead I'm torn between really liking and just liking it. I had a hard time connecting with Cass. She made so many poor choices that I found myself not respecting her at times. However, I did like that she took her choices into her own hands and refused to let people chose for her. I found her daring, determined, stubborn, and brave. I like how she kept a journal and brought it everywhere with her. I LOVED the descriptions of Venice. I wanted to be there; it was such a magical yet dark setting! As first in the series, it ends with a choice.

Cover Thoughts: Love It!
Source: From Penguin @ BEA
Challenges: YA Historical Fiction 2013 and TRB Pile

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