Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blind Date with a Book Display

I saw this idea on Pinterest last year and loved it! So we decided to create a similar display for the Otis Library.

Here are the books. We added a brief one to two sentence blurb about the books, because you always know a little something about your blind date. We used all adult books, but next year, I think it might be fun to add in some teen books.

Here's the display - we decorated with hearts (some sweet and some funny)

And a funny poster representing an older time that Nancy found in her stash of goodies!

Have you done this? Do you plan on doing it? It's definitely gotten people looking at the display and about 5 books have gone since Thursday. People are talking about it!


TinaFerraro said...

What a clever idea! I would not be able to resist this...

Kai Strand, Author said...

This looks like so much fun! Please share the reader feedback.

InkkReviews said...

what an AWESOME idea!!! i am guilty of judging a book my its cover, I would really be interested to see what i would pick if i couldnt see the cover! love it! - Katie @ Inkk

Unknown said...

I'm trying that this year as well! My books are wrapped in funky wrapping paper with labels that say stuff like:
"We'd be good together... I can tell!" &
"Don't have a man or woman of mystery in your life? Try a book!"

So much fun!