Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Capture the Flag

Three teens find themselves at a party with their parents at the Smithsonian. One amuses himself with a video game, one with a Harry Potter book, and one tries to interview some of the more important guests at the party.

The next day they all find themselves in the airport - each heading for Vermont. A blizzard hits, trapping them in the airport with all flights delayed.

Then the news hits - the flag that inspired "The Star Spangle Banner" has been stolen. It happened either during the party or just afterwards. Anna has a crazy idea that the flag just might be stuck in the airport with them. She convinces the two boys to help her look around the airport. Will they be able to uncover something that the police have missed?

My Thoughts: Half National Treasure - half Die Hard 2 - this awesome book happens in the course of 24 hours - complete with humor, mystery, action, and plenty of danger. I'm intrigued by the secret society and can't wait to see how that develops more in future books. 

I loved how the teens escaped into the off limits area of the airport, the baggage area was my favorite part of the book. I enjoyed Jose's love for Harry Potter and how he carried the books around with him. I liked how Anna wasn't afraid to ask questions, trying to get an interview. I like how Henry used his video game knowledge in real life. I loved how the teens were strangers in the beginning, but how the day pulled them together as friends. Sinan and his dog, Hammurabi added comic relief.  I wasn't surprised by the ending, but I enjoyed watching the trio uncover evidence. 

Cover Thoughts: Love It!
Source: ILL
Up Next: Hide and Seek - out in April

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