Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Killer Crust

*5th Pizza Lovers Mystery*

Eleanor and her sister have the opportunity to enter into a pizza contest. They could win $25,000, which they would use to fix up Slice of Delight. However, the contest is being held by an old acquaintance of Eleanor's. The last time Eleanor saw Luigi, he was trying to buy her pizza joint - right after the death of her husband. He didn't take no very well.

Still, Eleanor doesn't hesitate, she signs the paperwork, entering the contest. Now she and her sister are heading to the local hotel hosting the contest. Four pizza places compete for the top prize.

Soon, Eleanor learns that the contest is fixed. Animosity builds between the contests and she's not surprised to learn that Luigi's been murdered. He died in an area limited to hotel staff and the contestants, which place Eleanor and her sister in a unique position. They can cozy up to the contestants and figure out which one killed Luigi. Can they wrap up the contest and find the murdered before it's too late?

My Thoughts: I love the premise of this book - it blends the food reality TV shows with murder perfectly. It read like a crime show, very visual and keeping me glued to the book. I love the sister team and their quirks. They're funny, serious, sweet, and loyal. I love their closeness. I liked the difference in setting for this book, it allowed for a whole new set of characters along with some old favorites. 

Cover Thoughts: Fun
Source: Library

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