Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Falling Kingdoms

For centuries, the kingdoms have known peace. Recent events threaten to change that. A murder of a vendor becomes a turning point. Anger boils over to eruption. Why should one kingdom prosper while others wilt? Why should people go hungry when others have too much food?

When Princess Cleiona crosses the sea with a group of friends, what starts out as a day of fun goes drastically wrong. The consequences of her inability to react and stop the death of a merchant's son will change her life. Her father's determined to curtail her actions.

He announces her engagement to the man who murdered the young boy. Cleo doesn't want to marry Aron. She despises him,  but she can't refuse, especially since he was a secret that could ruin her. How can she convince her father that she'll never be happy with Aron. How can she stop her world from crumbling?

My Thoughts: A teen Game-of-Thrones-esq book complete with political intrigue, romance, heartache, death, and danger. I read this book on a long plane ride and loved every second of it. It made my long day so much better. I tore through this novel, it was impossible to put down!

I loved the plot twists and turns. Just when I thought something was going to happen, something drastically changed to turn everything upside down. It all played with my emotions from hope to danger to horror to sympathy. A fantastic high fantasy novel that left me desperately wanting more!

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Cover Thoughts: Loved it - but I wish it matched more of the book.
Source: BEA from Penguin Teen

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