Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Golden Lily

* Bloodlines book 2*

Since Sydney handled the situation so well, her stock has gone up among the Alchemists. She's praised and her actions have been held up for approval. While Sydney realizes she did well in that one instance, she knows that she doesn't always have the Alchemist's best interests in mind.

She's hanging out with her charges - for fun and not just for the sake of protection. She's dating a boy. She's learning, against her will, about magic.  In short, she's starting to care.

Can she achieve the fine balance between her job and her personal life?

My Thoughts: I really like this series, although my heart still belongs to the Vampire Academy series. The characters are growing on me and showing character development. The action, danger, and the mystery surrounding Jill and Adrian keep the pages turning fast. 

I like Sydney's brains. She's super smart and not afraid to show it. I admire that. She loosens up a little in this book, which is fun to watch. I like getting to know Adrian better -I'm starting to warm up to him a little after watching him deal with his father. My heart went out to him. I also found Angeline more mature and interesting. She provides a bit of humor too! 

I'm curious about Jill's future and the vampire hunters. I think they're going to make the next book very interesting! 

Cover Thoughts: Meh - never been a huge fan of these covers
Source: my Library
Fun Fact: Richelle Mead's books are often my go-to book for adults who read Twilight and come back looking for more vampire books. As a result, they're very popular with the adults at the library.

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Kim Trotter said...

The cover really isn't that eye catching, huh? I haven't read this series -- I've heard a lot about it, though. I'm not sure if I'm going to manage to make the time for it. Great review!