Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Crystal Cove

 *4th in the Cedar Cover series*

Justine knows that there's something wrong, she desperately craves the love and affection she sees her in friends' relationships. She begins to wonder why her relationships don't work.

It isn't until she discovers that someone put a curse on her that it starts to make sense. Justine's been raised Wiccan, but she rarely practices. She hasn't joined the local coven - a coven of women who are like family to her, despite her mother's pleas.

When a man rents out her inn, she begins to feel drawn to him. He's a loner. The more times she spends with him, she realizes she could fall for him. He's only there for a few days. Is that long enough to give her heart to someone?

My Thoughts: I love this romantic series set in Friday Harbor. I loved reading more about Justine. Her story was a little darker than the others. I really enjoyed the addition of wicca. All of the books seem to have a touch of magic, but I loved how Justine could create magic - and the consequences that happened because of her spell casting. I enjoyed Jason - reading about his faults and his strengths. It's great to see some of the characters from the previous books. I'm so happy that the series will be continuing with Lightning Bay!

Cover Thoughts: Dreamy
Source: my Library
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