Sunday, May 22, 2022

Board Books (17)


Just a few new board books for the library that I enjoyed!

It's never too early to start this conversation. This book helps talk about choices and explanations that will work with older toddlers very nicely.

Cars and Trucks - I love this series. This book shares all kinds of transportation vehicles - which means lots of great vocabulary words.

This song book has moving pieces (But they seem study enough for the library).  There are 4 stanzas to the song and lots of animals. This is a brightly colored and beautifully illustrated book. 

Nita's Day with baby signs - perfect to start communicating with your little one while they can't talk. This book has double sided tabs with signs that go along with the story.

Another favorite series - this one is all about bugs and love. The rhymes are great, and the illustrations are super cute! 

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