Thursday, January 13, 2022

Series Spotlight: She Persisted

She Persisted

I've read several of these books. I just finished:

And it was super good. Of course, I've heard of Maria Tallchief, but besides being awesome at dancing, I didn't know much. And I know a lot more. I know when she fell in love with ballet, how she went to New York City by herself, and how her sister was also a talented dance. I learned how she valued her Osage heritage, how she was the first American ballet dancer on many world stages, and that ballets were written just for her. 

Talk about inspiring! 

Every time I read a She Persisted book, I feel inspired by these women and their stories. I love their big dreams, their determination, and of course their persistence. These books are perfectly wonderful, perfectly feminist, and perfectly fun to read while learning about amazing women.

I'm so happy that more are being published. I have a few to catch up on. But I have so enjoyed the ones that I've read.

Library Recommendation: Must have books for your school and public libraries

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