Thursday, January 20, 2022

Review: The Duke Heist


* First in a series *

The Wynchester family isn't welcome in most society functions - until Chloe makes a splash. She steals the carriage of her enemy the Duke of Faircliffe. It doesn't help that he's inside. When they understand each other, Faircliffe offers Chloe a favor. Which she accepts after she and her siblings have come up with a plan.

They're after a painting the duke's now deceased father stole from them. Faircliffe never responded to their letters or attempts to purchase the painting. So, they make a plan to steal it back. Chloe will distract the duke while they uncover the whereabouts of the painting.

But Chloe never imagines falling for the duke. Or that the duke would notice her out of all the respectable ladies. Everyone knows that Faircliffe's father ruined the estate and he needs to marry someone with a dowery. But can he help it if he wants Chloe?
My Thoughts: First off - I straight up love this chosen family of siblings. I can't wait to read more of their stories. I love their love for each other. I love their quirks and their strengths and their abilities. I loved Tommy's ability. Her characters reminded me of Julia Quinn's Lady Danbury. I did love how Chloe wormed her way into a reading circle - but stayed because she became friends with the ladies. And I adore their possible name: Ladies of Lusty Literature Book Coven. I enjoyed Phillippa and her mother. 

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Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Highly Recommended for your romance collection

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