Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Picture Book Wednesday: Valentine's Day Books (1)

Some fun new Valentine's Day books from my library. I do love how many of these books showcase handmade valentines and creativity. 

And some new family and love and friendship stories.

Valentine's Day:

What happens when Cupid's arrows break? Will his new friends help him solve his problem? 

While this is about arrows - this book is mostly about spreading joy and love and friendship. The friends use their creativity to make cards - but there's also a point to spread good cheer and kindness throughout the year too. Facts about Cupid and Valentine's Day round out this book.

A board book where friends create cards and cake for each other. This book even includes a recipe. The illustrations are sweet. 

This series is one of my favorite holiday series. This Valentine's Day board book has gorgeous illustrations and a story filled with rhymes, sweetness, and love.

Family and Friendship and Love:

There are so many ways to show that you care about someone else. I love this book for showing just a few simple ways that might make a big difference to someone. 

The illustrations are gorgeous and diverse. And there is a list of 5 ways we can show love at the end of the book. What's even better is the book challenges you to think of more ways. Because kindness is always cool. 

This book showcases a sweet bond between the caregiver and the child. Their love shines through in everything that they do. Love is unconditional.


Leo loves Mommy and Leo Loves Daddy are such sweet board books. Everything they do together is amazing and fun. It's clear the bond between them is amazing. 

* these books are also perfect for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

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