Monday, November 29, 2021

Shop Small Business: (15) - ProcrastiplannerEtc

                         Since the holidays are getting closer, here are some gift ideas.  

Instead of shopping online at places like Amazon, why not shop local?

If you have awesome local businesses, grab items from their stores.

If you're shopping for people outside our area, why not get something super cute on Etsy?

I started this last year, so if you missed those favorites, check them out here

And if you want to support me (Thank you!), I do have a small Etsy shop.

And if you like something, but aren't purchasing it at this time, give the shop a like or the item a like! (This makes the seller very happy!)

This week's shop is ProcasticplannerEtc

They have mugs. I bought this one immediately when I saw it. 
It's my new favorite tea mug. 
And of course fits my personality. 

They have lots of stickers and washi tape -perfect for people who 
decorate their planners.
I *might* have purchased a few goodies for friends. 
I can't picture those. 
But these are super cute!

And one day *fingers crossed*, I'm going to be purchasing this sticker set...
 after I sell my first novel
 (and after I get an agent - all wishful thinking at this point.)

Cute right?

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