Sunday, November 7, 2021

Holiday Movies

The Christmas Prince trilogy:

I re-watched the first one and then the next two. The first one was very enjoyable. The second was terrible, it lost the charm of the first one. I wanted to smack the characters. But it did have some charming moments. The third one was also enjoyable - I enjoyed the treasure hunt and uncovering the thief.  

There's someone robbing Christmas parties - and they all have the same Santa Claus. A rookie detective teams up with a fellow detective to uncover the mystery thefts. When they discover a house for rent next door to their key suspect, they move in an set up a surveillance operation. But their cover is blown and instead they're forced to play a newlywed couple and join in the neighborhood's festivities. 

This one was super cute. I loved how they were forced to join in. It almost makes me wish for a neighborhood like this. Lots of banter and holiday cheer. And of course - getting the bag guy. Plus this has one of my favorite Hallmark actors in it. 

When Paige comes home for Christmas, her parents don't tell her it's the last Christmas at their inn. They're thinking of selling their successful inn and start traveling the world. But when the potential buyer arrives a month early - everything is up in the air. Paige believes he's just a guest at the inn and she's helping him and his son have a great time. But...

This was great. I loved the moments decorating and creating the inn's festive party. Lots of charming moments here. 

A daughter returns home after several years after being away because her estranged father was hurt in an accident. She comes for Christmas with her own daughter. Both are excited about the holidays, but he is not interested

This one was funny with the grandfather warming up to the granddaughter. Also a second chance romance. Enjoyable.

An older movie - but a sequel is coming this year, so I wanted to watch it.

A fireman isn't interested in marriage. He goes through a series of women who are all wrong for him. He ends up running into a woman studying to be a vet. She has a secret cat in her apartment. Long story short - she ends up renting a place from him.

This one was charming and of course the cats are super cute. I really like the actress - she's one of my Hallmark favorites. I'm really curious to see where the sequel goes. 

Watched in July

A mother's never been without her children on Christmas, but since her divorce he husband and his girlfriend are taking the kids over the holidays. The girls are sad until the new girlfriend invites the mother to join them all. 

This was a cute story about blended families - with some jealousy and competition thrown in. The kids were cute and there's a fun romance.

Have you seen any of these? Are you a fan?

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