Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Picture Book Wednesday: Thanksgiving Books

Just a few new Thanksgiving and Fall reads new to the library's collection:

Lots of fun here imagining dinosaurs eating and cooking Thanksgiving dinner, playing football, and flying kites.

This old lady is certainly quirky, but the ending is pretty great.

I love the Bruce books and he's certainly very grumpy in this one - which I found hilarious. 

This one was super cute with lots of families and I really liked this moment:
"...we will share good food and kindness to show that we care."
And I enjoyed how this book showed that - with donating food, giving hugs, and being together. 

Amara's looking for pumpkins on the farm - it takes her a long time to find them. While this is more a fall book, it does include a shared meal at the end. And the reader will learn lots about produce and growing fruits and veggies. 

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