Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Picture Book Wednesday: Christmas Book Roundup (2)

If you missed the first round-up, here it is.


Taking a Pirate to meet Santa is a Very Bad Idea.
But also really funny!
I adore this series and this book lives up to my expectations of it. Plus the illustrations are great.


A little girl makes up a new family with two Kings.

I loved this sweet story and the message is charming. Plum is kind hearted after everything that happened to her. I wanted to visit the Land of Sweets. I loved the illustrations. 

Frog shows up at Bear's house expecting it to be the Christmas Extravaganza Hotel - but it's clearly not. Still he and Bear manage to have fun doing all sorts of Christmas things together. 

I love the fun activities they do together - even if it's not what Frog expected. I loved the illustrations and the message of Friendship. 


The cat has been super good all year long - except for a few instances that were Not His Fault. SO he writes several letters to Santa explaining how things went down.

I really enjoyed this funny book. I love books with letters. Another great message about friendship.


Bruce Is Not Santa Claus, but he's forced into the roll after a case of mistaken identity. And nothing he says can stop it from happening.

I love the Bruce books - they're so funny. Bruce is such a grump, but he has a good heart. Eventually he always comes around. Plus the illustrations are great too. 

North Pole Ninjas: MISSION: Christmas!
If you've been visited by the Ninjas - then you have a special mission during Christmas and hall year round.

I love this message of kindness - not just during the holidays but all year round. 

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