Thursday, June 7, 2018


A Prom to Remember

Today is all about Proms. Here's a secret. I didn't go to either of my high school proms. In junior year, my friends and I decided to skip it and make our senior year awesome. But by the time senior year rolled around, I wasn't friends with them any more. I actually didn't really have friends my senior year of high school.

I did however go to a prom with a work buddy. It was awkward as anything because it was a small school and I'm an introvert. But I was excited to go and it was sweet. I had a nice time, but it would have been better if I had a friend or two there.

My mom made my dress and here I am posing with my sister. It's one of my favorite pictures together.

I've written a lot about proms and prom books, mostly because they are so much fun to read.

Here is ten favorite Prom books from 2011 and earlier 

Here's my If You Like pin about Proms

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Abby Miller said...

I love your prom dress. I haven't yet attended a prom, but I'm hoping to next year. I love reading books about prom. They just interest me and I have no idea why. Thanks for sharing this post.