Saturday, June 9, 2018

Summer Reading Program at Your Local Library

Joining the Summer Reading Program at your local library is important for several reasons.:

For Your Child:
1. It helps prevent summer slide, reading just six books over the summer truly helps.
2. It helps give children time to read for fun - something they need to cement their love of reading. Let them choose to read whatever they think looks fun. 
3. There are TONS of programs at your library this summer - programs targeted for all ages.

For Parents:
1. Children model their behavior after parents, which means they need to see their parents reading. All of their parents. It doesn't matter what you're reading (although it's harder for them to recognize you're reading articles online). Let them see you reading; let them see you picking out books. I read before bed every night, but if your kids don't see you reading, you're missing a huge opportunity. Share your passion for reading with your kids.
2. Libraries have programs for adults too. (My library has a program where you read a book and get to pick out a free book. We also have weekly raffle prizes to local businesses)
3. Talk about books, authors, illustrators, and libraries - not in school based way but in general everyday conversation.
4. Read together 
5. Read aloud - it's fun for everyone. Plus you can talk about the story together.

For Your Library:
1. Summer is the busiest time of year for the library.
2. We count on summer to coast us through the lighter months (Winter in New England) when people don't come to the library as much.
3. We want you to come to our programs because we're hosting them for you.
4. But we want you to check out books; we need our circulation statistics to be amazing. 
5. Our summer numbers help boost us over the edge when it's budget time.
6. We want to help readers find books that they will love to read
7. Say hello to us, because we love it when we recognize library families. 

Also, some libraries have summer lunch for kids 18 and under, which helps replace the free lunch from school. If your library has it, it's available for ALL kids, no questions asked.

So head to your local library this summer, changes are they are doing amazing things!

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