Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tween Tuesday Review: Truth or Dare

Since her mother died, Lia's been feeling a little lost. At the last moment, she ditches her friends and camp for a summer at the beach with her aunt. But the beach isn't perfect and Lia struggles with her aunt and her own emotions.

When summer comes to an end, her friends return home. Lia begins to feel left out from the inside jokes.. To make her summer more exciting, Lia tells a few white lies.

Her once solid friendships now seem to be breaking apart. Between lies, manipulations, and bragging, Lia isn't sure what to say anymore. She's getting fed up with games.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book and it centers on such an important topic. Girls aren't the nicest to each other, especially in middle school. I like how Lia questioned er friendship bonds with these girls. I hated how she lied to keep up with them or to make herself fit in with part of the group. I like how she listened to everyone around her - how she listened to her aunt and her friend's mother. I like how the issue of friendship came full circle with Val and her aunt. I felt bad for Lia for losing her mother. But I like how her family came out of their struggle. Great book to read with book clubs or just between mothers and daughters - lots of great discussions.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: ARC for review
Library Recommendation: Perfect for both public and school libraries where it could be required reading for all middle grade girls.

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