Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book Display Ideas: Halloween and Horror

I've been checking out Pinterest for some fun Halloween/Horror displays. Here's what I found. All the pins are linked. I'm not sure what I'll go with, but I like these ideas:

Once Upon a Crime, Halloween display, Halloween library display, crime scene, mystery books display, library display, high school library, library bulletin board:
Once Upon a Crime

halloween library displays - Google Search:
Killer Thrillers
Oh the horror:
Horror Books
Rachel Moani’s “Read! It’s Chilling” is a vivid and eye-catching library display that encourages students to read during the month of October.:
Haunted Houses
Teen Zombie Survival @ Forest Hills Library:
Boo!  Paper Chain Ghost  {Halloween Craft}:
Halloween display (follow link for a pumpkin and a bat against a yellow sky of books):
More Ghosts
October Book Promotion. "It came from the library..." (blob dripping slime):
Slime and monsters
Want to have a nightmare? Library display at South East Junior High in Iowa City, Iowa.:
Slime and Nightmares
Future Librarian Superhero: Charlotte's Web Display:
School #library ideas, bulletin boards and displays : Halloween October bulletin board. Spiders cut out of construction paper and the we is made with yarn. Books in the web are all about spiders some fiction and nonfiction.:
More Cobwebs
DIY Spiderwebs Made From Trashbags:
Even more spiderwebs 

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Amanda K Thompson said...

Oh I LOVE that paper chain ghost! The 'Killer Thriller' display is also a great idea; I've done murder mystery displays in the past, last year with a body outline of masking tape on black paper rolled out under the table with crime scene tape wrapped around the legs and crime scene evidence added around the books. That one always gets pretty good attention. ^_^