Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mysterious Saturday Review: Eclair and Present Danger

* First Book in a New Series *
Winnie's bakery can't survive much longer. She's hoping an inheritance will save her, but she soon learns that she gains a cat who hates her and a vintage ambulance. Her heart sinks as she realizes she'll have to close her bakery, but she makes one final delivery of peach pie.

At the delivery site, she discovers a dead body. Winnie takes cover with her friends, an elderly bunch. There she comes up with an idea of an emergency dessert delivery service, using her new vintage ambulance.

Without faith in the small police department, Winnie decides to poke around and see if she can discover the identity of the murderer.
My Thoughts: I adored the first book in this series. I'm so intrigued by the emergency dessert squad. I loved learning about the business idea, the clever dessert names, and the presentation of the desserts. I liked that Winnie lived surrounded by older people. I liked her going out on dates. I liked her delivering her baked goods. She dug into Bart's past and came up with a few suspects, but those were crossed off quickly. I like how the mystery unfolded. I liked how there wasn't a police detective in the loop. I liked how Winnie's friends look out for her and each other and the banter between them. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Perfect for public libraries with strong readership in foodie cozies (basically all public libraries)

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Laura Bradford said...

I'm thrilled you enjoyed Éclair and Present Danger. Thanks for the great review!

The Silence of the Flans (book 2) will be out March 7th.