Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: One Potion in the Grave

* Book 2 in the Magic Potion Mystery Series *
When an old friend comes into Carly's shop, she almost doesn't recognize her. Carly does however recognize the tingles of danger. Katie Sue followed her dreams and made them come true - at the expense of leaving everyone in the town behind, including her sisters.

Now, even when her sister's health is at an all time low, she's back in town for revenge. With a big wedding taking up Carly and her family's energy, she wants to help Katie Sue.

The closer they get to the wedding, the more things start to unravel. Carly's nervous about Katie Sue's talk of revenge. When she can't find her friend later in the day, the nerves start to grow. What should have been a happy moment in someone's life turned to murder and distrust. Carly desperately wants to figure out what happened to her old friend.

My Thoughts: Relationships make the book in this small town series - from Carly and Dylan to Carly and Delia, to Carly and her crazy family. I like the tension between Carly and Dylan and the slow burn of will they or won't they get back together. I like the new relationship between Carly and her cousin Delia - how they're learning to trust each other, how they're becoming friends, and how they're putting the past behind them. I really enjoy Carly's aunts - they lighten the book with their antics.

With the wedding in town, everyone's buzzing about the wealthy family and the girl who was once part of the town. The relationships intertwine and become heated with the desire for revenge. Not to mention the family that Katie Sue left behind in town - her family needs her. 

It's hard to imagine people's motives in heinous behavior, but this book showcases it all: revenge, greed, lust for power, the bond of family, and murder. An impressive feat for such an enjoyable book.

Cover Thoughts: Mysterious
Source: My Library

Overall Thoughts: A delightful second book in this magical series where relationships, gossip, love, and hope run the town that will make you smile and laugh and wish to spend a day or two in town.

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YA Sleuth said...

This sounds good... I'll have to check this series out. I get the best book recommendations from your blog--thanks so much!!