Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: I was Here

Meg and Cody were best friends - until Meg committed suicide. Shaken to the core, Cody had no idea her best friend was in so much pain that she needed to take her own life. Although they were best friends, since Meg left for college and Cody stayed home, things have been strained between them.

When Meg's parents ask Cody to pack up Meg's room at college, she doesn't hesitate.  She still can't believe that Meg killed herself and starts looking for clues. Why would her best friend leave everyone behind? Why wouldn't Meg talk to Cody?

When the guilt Cody feels threatens to close in on her. She starts to question Meg's roommates and friends, trying to piece together a timeline and a reason.

My Thoughts:
My heart breaks for Cody dealing with the loss of her friend and trying to make sense of her own life after Meg's gone. The guilt overwhelms her with thoughts of the past few months and how they didn't talk as much. I like how Cody tried to uncover the reasons behind Meg's decision and how it leads her on her own path to figuring out herself.

I liked Cody's interactions with the people in Meg's life: her college friends, Ben, and her little brother. I liked how they all played a part in helping Cody understand more about Meg and about herself. I found my thoughts changing about Tricia over the course of the book.

Guilt and remorse are powerful emotions in this book, along with the feelings of unworthiness. In her search for the truth, Cody slips down the rabbit hole herself. 

I admired Cody's perseverance and determination. Not all of her decisions were smart, but they helped her in the end. I wouldn't mind a sequel - learning more about Cody and what she does next now that she's no longer part of a pair, but on her own.

Cover Thoughts: Symbolic
Source: my Library
Librarian Fact: I made a book list last year featuring books with suicide. I would add this one.

For anyone reading this book, the Author's Note is important and features a phone number for anyone in need  of someone to talk with: Crisis Hotline: 800-273-TALK

Final Thoughts: A book that will pull at your heartstrings one minute and make you want to call your BFF the next minute.

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