Friday, February 6, 2015

February 5th and My Grandfather

20 years ago yesterday, we lost my grandfather very suddenly. I was a freshman in high school and I was devastated. February 5th is always a hard day, but yesterday I took time for memories. The happy times won out over the sadness and gaping hole in my heart.

In this picture, we're celebrating his birthday. We were going to eat a lemon meringue pie - which we both loved.  I turned 10 a few months ago and yes, I'm at the awkward stage in my life.

My Grandfather:

He loved Sweets - I inherited his sweet tooth - from candy to afternoon treats at tea.
He hated vegetables - me too
He didn't cook - anything.
He had a wicked sense of humor - I'd like to think I do as well
He liked Sports - mostly baseball - ok, so he rooted for the Yankees and I'm a Celtics fan.
He came to my sporting events from midget league to my JV games 
I come from a family of readers - he read sports books
One year, he made me a book of Marmaduke comics - I love them
He got me into puzzles - which I love and can pull out a missing piece from the box that he'd been looking for for ages. Which both irritated him and made him proud.
He volunteered at the food pantry in town - bending the rules as needed. I have been known to bend rules here or there when it benefits people.

Of course there are all the nevers:
He never got to meet my husband
He never knew that I became a YA Librarian
and so many more.

But I'm choosing this year to remember all the fun times and not the nevers. And a heart full of love at the times we had together and not the times we lost.

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YA Sleuth said...

Sounds like you have some great memories. I have similar ones; they made me feel special at an age when you can feel a little overlooked, misunderstood or forgotten.